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Crown Battery

"The Power Behind Performance!"

 Crown Battery is headquartered in Fremont, Ohio and has been manufacturing batteries since 1926.  As a privately owned company, their focus is on quality, not just profits.  Crown doesn't want to make all the batteries in the world,.... they just want to make the best!  And they do! 

We have been truly amazed at the performance and quality of these batteries.  The best part is that this quality is available to you at prices that are lower than standard battery retailers.  Additionally, Crown has allowed us to continue to expand our product lines that we offer.

Automotive and Light Truck Batteries
Commercial Heavy Duty and Farm Batteries
Golf Cart and Electric Vehicle Batteries
Marine and RV Batteries
Floor Care Equipment (Flooded)
Floor Care Equipment (Sealed)
Renewable Energy System (Solar) Batteries (Flooded)
Renewable Energy System (Solar) Batteries (Sealed)
UPS & Power Management Systems 
Severe Duty Batteries
Material Handling Batteries
Deep Mine Equipment Batteries
Rail Equipment Batteries
AGV Batteries
Sealed Lead Acid Batteries
Electric Forklift Batteries

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